Friday Sermon (Khutbah)

Interpretation of the Friday sermon before the congregational prayer at the East London Mosque.

Congregational Prayer

Muslims are able to seek solace and attend a congregational prayer with their fellow brother in faith since the revelation of Islam.

For the most part, the Deaf community have been unable to access such vital spiritual services that not only educate us about Islam but also play a pivotal role in keeping community relations.

Al Isharah has long recognised accessibility to the Friday sermon (khutba) as an essential part of being able to have access to Islam and have been providing access to Friday sermons since 2009 by interpreting these Friday sermons.

Interpreters are expected to understand an array of cultural influences to ensure they are able to capture the essence of what is being said and deliver it with the same spiritual feel.

Al Isharah has been working with a dedicated pool of qualified interpreters to ensure the most accurate and uplifting information is relayed in all of our translations.

The interpreter is projected live throughout the Masjid in East London Mosque and projected online so Deaf people around the UK can be spiritually uplifted.

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Friday Sermon (Khutbah)