About us

We exist to make Islam accessible to the Deaf person; from the moment that they proclaim their faith and until their burial. Islam needs to be available to the Deaf community in a manner they understand.

Our Story

Very few provisions existed for the Deaf Muslim community before Al Isharah.

When a Deaf girl named Sabirah was born, upon realising that she was profoundly Deaf, her mother made desperate enquiries about where Sabirah could learn about Islam and how she could adopt a healthy Muslim identity.

From that point onwards, Deaf and hearing professionals came together to establish our organisation.

Who we are

Al Isharah is a deaf services provider whose focus is to provide education, overall inclusion and equality through a number of services.

Who we help

Our beneficiaries are socially excluded disabled minority groups who are less likely to be financially independent, be in isolation and likely to develop mental health problems. Our services address the acute needs that deaf people have as a result of being Deaf at every stage of life.

Our work

Our work has successfully engaged Deaf children and adults who are often isolated due to cultural taboos around Deafness and disability. We provide this inclusion through a number of services such as the provision of a Deaf club, weekend supplementary schools and community engagement events.

Meet the Al Isharah Team