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Monthly Lecture

Monthly Lecture

Every Month, Al Isharah dedicate a full evening for the Deaf community to come together and appreciate a lecture in BSL. The lectures not only facilitate a nice get together event for the Deaf community but we also have many BSL students who attend these events to interact with the Deaf community and better their sign language!

Guest speakers are invited to discuss various topics. Some of our topics have included: Marriage, The journey of the Hereafter, The lives of the Prophets and so on.

Following on from the lecture, we always have a get together in a more social setting to make sure the Muslim Deaf community are able to socialise in a halal and friendly setting!

The lectures usually take place on the last Friday of each month on the 4th floor of the London Muslim Centre. This usually takes place in the evening and times vary. For more information, please follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @alisharah.