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Organise an event or raise money digitally – we will support you all the way.

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From hikes to baking competitions and everything in between, we’ve watched thousands of campaigners prove that nothing is impossible when it comes to raising money for the sake of Allah.

Create your own campaign by choosing a fundraising method, setting up a campaign page, and spreading the word.

Once you’ve reached your target, we’ll send you a certificate and let you know what your campaign contributed to!

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Fundraise With Us

Organise an event

Fundraising is all about having fun whilst also making a difference.

We have already seen many fun-filled events – whether it be local or national challenges, community engagements, dinners and auctions and even merchandise selling, such as sweet jars, frames, hoodies etc.

However, you may have some new ideas and we’re here to help you – whether it’s advice on how to start your event up or if you need resources from us! We’ll be here along the way, to help your fundraising needs. From deciding on an event to locations and feasibility, we are here to support you.

Family fun fairs: A community favourite and ours too! You can organise various activities such as lucky dip, food challenges, bouncy castles, bake sales, food/snack sales, arts and crafts and even other challenges, like, how many sweets in a jar – you can also offer prizes too!

Marathons or trek: You can choose to organise a large scale walk, run, hike in the mountains or even by yourself. Whatever it is, we can help you find the right location, route and media promotion. So get your running shoes or hiking boots ready and just enjoy the journey.

Car Wash: Whether you want to get your hands dirty or you simply found a car wash wanting to donate their profits for a day – it’s easy and good fun! All you have to do is contact them or find somewhere open to have your car wash, get a bucket, sponge, soap, drying cloth, plenty of water and LOTS OF DIRTY CARS!

Tournaments & Challenges: Host a day of a series of challenges and tournaments, whereby any age group can participate. From football matches, to sumo wrestling to food challenges to testing yourself by giving something up for a week or month! An easy way to raise money and collect sponsorship money, whilst also having fun and challenging yourself.

‘Sorry, Sign Only’: Spend a day signing, learning new signs and sharing sign language with others! Raise money by signing a word someone wants to see or teach them signs and get them to sponsor you!

If you require assistance or need some resources, please contact

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