Wednesday 21st March 2018,
Al Isharah

About Us

Al Isharah is a unique deaf services provider established in 2007, providing key services for members of the deaf and hard of hearing community. Our organisation was founded inclusion, education and equality.

Our beneficiaries are socially excluded disabled minority group who are less likely to be financially independent, be in isolation and more likely to develop mental health problems. Our services address the acute needs that deaf people have as a result of their disability at almost every stage of their life.

Being a Deaf led organisation, we tap into every aspect of Deaf culture including social, literary and religious (Islamic) aspects of Deaf identity.

Our aim is to cater for the needs of the Deaf community, to ensure that they have equal access to things that are taken for granted in everyday life by most people.

We have been working with people from various walks of life to ensure that they have a ‘voice’ which is otherwise denied to them.

We also work to eliminate cultural taboos that surround disability and deafness.