Friday Sermon

Alhamdulillah, for more than a decade now Al Isharah has been interpreting the Friday sermon (khutbah) from English into British Sign Langauge.

Friday Sermon

How Does It Work

To interpret a live religious sermon, it takes an immense amount of skill and experience. Interpreters are required to grasp an understanding of linguistics, knowledge of cultural background, semantics, historical context, Islamic lexicology amongst many other things.

Within an Islamic setting, interpreters are expected to understand an array of cultural influences to ensure they are able to capture the essence of what is being said and deliver it with the same spiritual feel.

Al Isharah have been working with a dedicated pool of qualified interpreters to develop their knowledge of Islamic history and lexicology to ensure the most accurate and uplifting information is relayed in all of our translations.

Currently this service is based in Europes largest mosque: The East London Mosque and London Muslim Centre.

Every Friday, our Friday Sermon interpretation is executed live from the first floor of the London Muslim Centre. We have a dedicated Deaf friendly area where the male attendees gather there also.

The interpreter is projected live throughout the venue for all to see making it accessible for all female participants also from the Maryam Centre (the ladies facility of the East London Mosque and London Muslim Centre).

Please click ion the prayer time table below to check for Jummu’a times:

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