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Our Team

Ghislane Seddiki

Ghislane Seddiki, as well as being a mother to deaf children, she is deaf herself.  She is instrumental in championing the rights of the Deaf community and providing the vision that Al Isharah aspires to achieve.

Azad Hussain

Azad Hussain is responsible for ensuring the organisation achieves our key strategic objectives. As well as ensuring our services are kept at the best standards, he is instrumental in researching developing and establishing services the organisation offers.

Nazia Begum

Nazia plays an essential role in community engagement. His work involves ensuring the wider community understands our cause and are ever invloved. Menar Khan is responsible for ensuring the sustainability of our projects and project managed our IT infrastructure upgrade.

Jamal Abbas

Jamal overlooks many of the core services Al Isharah offers whilst taking care of the bulk of the administration duties.