Wednesday 21st March 2018,
Al Isharah

Supporting Us



We feel truly blessed at Al-Isharah for the amount of support we receive from all our brothers and sisters in the UK and from around the world. Below is a list of some of Al-Isharah’s active supporters.




Shaykh Abdul Quayyum – Lead Imam of East London Mosque. Sheikh Abdul Qayyum volunteers and runs Question and Answer classes (first Friday of every month) for Al-Isharah charity


Shaykh Suliman Gani -Head of Balham Mosque Madressa and lecturer in Arabic, Islamic Studies and Hifz Teacher at Tooting Islamic Centre


Shaykh Thaqib MahmoodUstadh Thaqib has travelled to numerous places over the last 10 years in pursuit of sacred knowledge. In 2007, he returned to the UK to become involved in the instruction of sacred knowledge and continue his studies. Shaykh Thaqib leads the pre-deaf umrah seminars for Al-Isharah and is a strong supporter of the charity.


Sheikh Abu Ahmed – Imam of East London Mosque




Idocz – Al-Isharah’s official printing partner. Providing all our promotional design needs, including maintaining the day-to-day running of this website. Intelligent Document Solutions (Idocz) with over 25 years of combined industry experience offer a wide range of products and services including the latest multifunction copiers, digital printing services, brand design and web development. For more information visit

Modestly Active – The Award Winning Modest Islamic Swimwear Company. Specialising in a wide range of modest swimwear and swimming accessories including modest women’s swimwear, mens swimwear, swimming goggles, and children’s swimming aids. For more information visit


Ummah Welfare Trust – Inspired by the Islamic teachings of empathy, generosity and selflessness, the trust aims to alleviate poverty and suffering across the world. To find out more information visit