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Al Isharah


Al Isharah Islamic School (AIS)

The Al Isharah Islamic School (AIS) offers deaf and hard of hearing children the opportunity to learn about Islam. Islamic classes in BSL allow students to learn about Islam through sign language. While the Oral Qur’an class allows students to learn the recitation of the holy Qur’an.

The school operates on a three-term cycle with half-term breaks and holidays included into the academic calendar in line with those of state schools.

How do we teach Islam?

Our Islamic BSL classes are delivered through the use of British Sign Language and Deaf friendly visual materials, making the classes informative and accessible. Classes are taught by Deaf Muslim teachers who all communicate fluently in British Sign Language (BSL).

Our Oral Qur’an classes are taught by friendly professionals who have all undertaken deaf awareness training and have a good grounding in Arabic & Islamic studies. They too can communicate fluently in BSL.

Islamic Class in BSL

There are currently  three levels of classes for learning Islam in BSL. Students are assigned into appropriate ability groups based on historic academic performance. New students are assigned classes based on entry examination marks. The curriculum and topics for each level varies in terms of depth of content, amount covered and pace of teaching. Students complete weekly teacher assessments and homework, and  end-of-term examinations are conducted to enable the school to monitor student progress. Our curriculum covers the following;

Tawheed (Oneness of God/Allah) | Ramadhan (Compulsory fasting) | Hajj (Pilgramage) | Salah (Prayer) | Zakat (Charity) | Stories of the Prophets

Oral Recitation Class (Memorisation)

Students memorise chapters of the holy Qur’an at their own learning pace. Weekly homework supports the classroom learning. Students are assessed after memorising particular chapter. This class is for individuals who are mildly Deaf or strongly oral we are able to an Arabic recitation course that visually teaches how the language is pronounced. Please see image below for more info.












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