Wednesday 21st March 2018,
Al Isharah



What is Islamic vocabulary?

There are a number of signs used by Deaf Muslims about various Islamic topics, however they are not well known or commonly used. This course is aimed to those who wish to learn more about the specific vocabulary and etiquette use when delivering Islamic signs.

Why is this important?

There is a growing number of Deaf Muslims within the UK who have the right to access Islam. This workshop will allow for an understanding into how Islamic signs are used and their various contexts.

How is the course structured:

The course will provide insight into Muslim community, the profiles of Deaf Muslim people, the signs used in the community, culture and appropriate etiquette in different types of scenarios within the given culture. The workshop provides practical advice to learners on how to work more confidently with the Muslim community. This can be held as a full day or as two half day courses.

Covering varied topics, which can be specified for your needs:

  • Awareness around Deaf Muslim people, Islam and identity.
  • Deaf Muslim family environments, and the Deaf community.
  • Education and Employment.
  • Mental Health issues.
  • Communication and Language needs, as well as appropriate Social Etiquettes.
  • Islamic sign language vocabulary.

Who should attend:

Interpreters or professionals that work with the Deaf Muslim community and would like to understand more about the signs used and the appropriate etiquettes to follow.

Interested in attending this course? 

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