Wednesday 21st March 2018,
Al Isharah

Deaf Hajj

The Hajj takes place from the 8th to the 13th of Dhul-Hijjah which is the last month of the Hijri calendar. The Islamic or Hijri Calendar is a lunar calendar based on moon sightings.

Why is Hajj important for Muslims?

The Hajj, from the arabic word signifying ‘pilgrimage’, takes place in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. It is one of the largest pilgrimages in the world. As the fifth pillar of Islam, this journey is a religious duty every able-bodied Muslim must carry out at least once in their lifetime.

When will Deaf Hajj take Place? 

It is estimated that Hajj 2016 will fall between September 9th  and September 14th  inshaAllaah. Al Isharah aims to take the FIRST EVER group of Deaf Muslims to Hajj during this time inshaAllah.

How much money has been raised for Deaf Hajj so far?

Alhamdulilah, Al Isharah charity have been able to raise £20,000 from previous fundraising events for the Deaf Hajj 2015 trip. This will be the FIRST EVER Deaf Hajj trip and we want our deaf brothers and sisters who go with us to have the best possible experience. We estimate that the Deaf Hajj will cost £50,000. Breakdown has been provided below but this is subject to change once we gain actual quotes for the individual items.

Provisional Cost Breakdown:

Item:      Cost:
Hajj Training sessions (including cost of teacher, interpreters, Hajj handbooks, venue hire, refreshments, admin, etc)      £9,800
Trip Costs (including Interpreters, first aid equipment, maps, t-shirts, bags, sight-seeing costs, trip hand book, etc)      £15,450
Hajj Sponsorship (On average Hajj trip package cost £4,000. Hajj sponsorship will mean group members pay less than £4,000. See below)      £20,000*

Hajj Sponsorship*

Each group member will be expected to pay for their individual Hajj package.  On average Hajj packages cost £4,000. Al Isharah understands that £4,000 is a lot of money for one individual to pay. So the charity aims to inshaAllah contribute towards the cost (pay some of the package cost). The amount will depend on the final total collected after the Deaf Dinner event. For example, if we achieve our target of £50,000 then the charity intends to put £20,000 towards sponsoring members attending the first ever Deaf Hajj. We cannot guarantee at this stage how much that is for each person. This will depend on how many people will go on the trip and how much total money is raised.

What if money is left over?

Any money that is left from the trip will be put back into our ‘Deaf Umrah/Deaf Hajj’ reserve pot and used towards future Deaf Umrah and Deaf Hajj Trips.

IMPORTANT: Al Isharah have a 100% donation policy on all money raised by the charity for specific projects.  InshaAllah, all money rasied for Deaf Hajj will be used for Deaf Hajj!

What does it all mean?

The more money we raise for Deaf Hajj, the better the experience will be inshaAllah for all our deaf brothers and sisters who go with us and the more Al Isharah can contribute towards their package price.

I want to go ‘Deaf Hajj’ with Al Isharah?

Alhamdulilah that’s great news! Register your interest by emailing

Tour Operators & Packages?

We have not yet selected our Deaf Hajj Tour partner but have been carrying out extensive research to make sure we provide you the best package and experience possible. Details of this will of this will be released at a later date. If you are a tour operator and would like to tender for this unique honour please express your interest by emailing with subject Deaf Hajj 2015.

 What do I do now?

1) Register your interest by emailing us 2) Start saving for the Deaf Hajj Trip  3) Make daily DUA to Allah to enable you to perform HAJJ this year  4) Improve your Islamic knowledge

If you have any questions please email . Please continue to support the charity and let us know how we can improve our services.