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DEAF RUN 2017: Tug-of-War Tournament

DEAF RUN 2017: Tug-of-War Tournament



Are you ready for this year’s Deaf Run – Tug of War Tournament? Are you willing to test your might? Then make sure you attend Deaf Run 2017! Where you will have the chance to compete against fellow friends, schools, local businesses and charities.

This year Al Isharah are giving you the opportunity to participate in our intense Tug of War Tournament; There will be ONLY one open age category and participants must be 18+ (due to health & safety.) How far will you go to be crowned champions?

Why take part?

  • Last year, our run attracted significant, broad ranging media interest.  With a continually growing profile, we anticipate even more presence this year from numerous media outlets.
  • It is a golden opportunity to network with colleagues across the third sector, helping to increase your charity visibility whilst building new and deeper community networks.
  • Reach out to a diverse audience and open your doors to a niche Deaf consumer base.
  • Our events are very well attended, and brilliantly advertised across all social media platforms.
  • Participation in our “Tug of War Tournament” allows your organisation/business/charity with an amazing opportunity to be a part of THE most-high energy, fun, family event of the year, all within a Deaf Friendly environment!

Get training, get the iron pumping, choose your captains and REGISTER NOW!

Rules of Tug of War Tournament

(*Entry fee of £25 per team (10 players per team) *Brothers ONLY)

Unsure on how to play tug of war? No problem! Follow these easy steps and familiarize yourself with the rules and challenge your friends and family.

Step 1: A heavy rope will be placed within a cordoned arena with a marker attached to the middle.

Step 2: Teams will get a chance to compete against everyone with winners of each round earning 2 points, any draws 1 point, and losers zero

Step 3: Each team will need ten contenders with one captain. Each player(s) will grab hold of one end of the rope, ensuring they are evenly spaced apart.

Step 4: A celebratory referee and event host will blow the whistle and the tugging begins.

Step 5: Teams will go on competing until there is a clear unanimous winner in each category. *Sudden death match will take place if required*

Gather your friends, families, colleagues, business & teams together and put your strength to the test! Last year it was a tight call but the unanimous winners were the brothers from HUMAN AID Charity mashaAllah…Rumours has it that they have already started benching at the gym to retain their title. Let’s see who the are any contenders are this year…

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