Wednesday 25th April 2018,
Al Isharah

Deaf Ride 2018 – London to Margate

The 2017 Hope and Knowledge Cycling Club ride will take us from London to Margate. A town on England’s southeast coast.

England’s first public institution for deaf children, started in London in 1792. The School opened its branch in Margate (August 1876) and later on, moved the entire operation from London to Margate.


Al-Isharah was founded on the premise that deaf children born into Muslim families were severely marginalised from the Muslim community. We found often the communication between parents and children as bare minimal. In such cases, this essentially meant that even the most basic tenets of Islam were not taught. As you can imagine, it is very difficult for first generation migrants to learn English, and then to to further learn British Sign Language. These children who go into the secular realm have every means of communication made available to them and can express themselves freely in a school, college, university or work environment. In our line of work we have found that there are many who leave Islam after being excluded from the Muslim community because they feel a greater sense of affinity with those communities.

Al-Isharah is refusing to accept that as the status quo. We have been providing various services to ensure this is not the continuing trend. Such services include a khutba interpretation service, Islamic classes for adults, a maktab for children, monthly lectures, interpreting service at Islamic events, a deaf friendly umrah service, a marriage service and much more. We are aspiring to become the organisation that ultimately aids people in such predicaments in every major aspect of their life.

Be involved in this noble cause in helping Al Isharah supporting the Deaf community. The continues  reward you will attain will be until the end of time.

Ride to Raise, be a winner!

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