Wednesday 21st March 2018,
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Charity Run celebrates 9th year anniversary in style!

Charity Run celebrates 9th year anniversary in style!

Charity Run celebrates 9th year anniversary in style!

The annual Deaf Run returned to Mile End Park on Saturday 26th August, attracting thousands of visitors once again as the deaf charity Al Isharah took centre stage to yet again deliver a spectacular showpiece event

This year promised to be even bigger and better – and the event did not disappoint. Vibrant attendees, from all walks of life, enjoyed a spectacular day of family fun and entertainment. Many new acts were included for the 9th year anniversary including martial arts from The Shaolin Monks, uniting together to celebrate deafness.

The event kicked off with the Men’s Run as hundreads of runners of various ages –
deaf and hearing – took part raising funds for Al Isharah as well as other worthwhile charitable organisations.

Amongst those at the start line was the inspirational Khadijah Jannath, 5, a local blind child who was present with her older brother Ismail Uddin, 9, and their parents Fozol Uddin.

“We are so proud of Khadijah,’ said Begum, while Uddin added: “Well done to everybody who has run today and raised so much awareness for deaf culture in our community.”

Furthermore, there were several appealing activities that catered for all ages including numerous inflatable challenges. The bustling bazar comprising of 55 stalls, had something for everyone. If you were feeling peckish, there were several aromatic food stalls and a burger van dotted around Mile End Park. Or if you wanted to decorate your hands in intricate patterns, a henna stall was located right in the centre of the bazar.

Among the other highlights included the annual Tug – of – War Tournament and Super Spicy Hot Wings challenge. The winner of Tug – of -war was ‘Deaf Power’ and the winner of the Hot – Wing challenge was Azad Hussain . All winners received their awards during the ceremony. Super-spicy hot wings challenge winner Azad Hussain, unsurprisingly collected his winners trophy by walking at a very slow pace.

“I’m burning inside,” he laughed. “The bubbling within me is taking effect, but I can stomach it as I’ve helped to raise such great awareness of Al Isharah and the groundbreaking work they do.

“I would like to thank all the attendees, volunteers and participants who contributed to another outstanding event. Deaf Run is a community event that celebrates diversity and unites people of all backgrounds to come together and celebrate deafness. Special thanks to our main sponsors Eastern Pride, Idocz, Channel S, British Asian Catering and Ark Royal venue for their tremendous support.” Said Al Isharah CEO Ziaur Rahman.

The event was organised by Al Isharah, a local education based deaf charity working to make
services accessible for the deaf community. For further information about Al Isharah and the services provided, please visit

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